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More than a 20-year success story

The Glatt&Verkehrt music workshop has been around almost as long as the festival itself. It was founded in 2000 as a one-week Jeunesse folk music camp in cooperation with Glatt&Verkehrt and the Institute for Folk Music Research under the direction of the "dance violinist" Rudi Pietsch, who died in 2020. Under the title "Workshop for Musicians", it soon moved even closer to the festival. The focus was always an international one. Old and established music from different countries was to be filled with new life in a lively way. From the beginning, the participants included amateurs and professionals of all ages, and many a participant decided to turn a passion into a profession after a week of pure joy in making music.

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Evelyn Fink-Mennel: Workshop leader for 11 years / top-class team of musician

Since 2010, the versatile musician and ethnomusicologist Evelyn Fink-Mennel from Vorarlberg has been leading the course. While Rudolf Pietsch was always open to new developments, Evelyn Fink-Mennel is now the representative of the next generation of musicians who have further developed the spirit of the workshop with gentle innovations. 

Many internationally renowned artists can be found among the presenters of the last 20 years, it is hardly possible to list them all: Arkady Shilkloper (Russia), Jatinder Thakur (India), Harald Haugaard (Denmark), Laura Parodi (Italy), Kristi Stassinopoulou (Greece), Frank Kane (Georgia), Norbert Hauer (Austria), Thomas Gansch (Austria), Bernard Garaj (Slovakia), Jhibaro Rodriguez (Venezuela/Austria), Eero Turkka (Finland), Béla Ágoston (Hungary), Matthias Loibner (Austria), Marinette Bonnert (Belgium), Llorenç Barber (Spain), Franz Hautzinger (Austria), Nataša Mirković (Bosnia), Adriano Adewale (Brazil), Christian Zehnder (Switzerland), Markus Prieth (South Tyrol) and many more. v.m.