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The workshop’s final event takes us on a journey from idyllic apricot orchard to magnificent baroque church. Göttweig Abbey sits on a high hill, an ancient place of power – extending far beyond the Catholic religion – that is perfectly suited to creative gatherings. And isn’t a music workshop just that: a gathering of creative forces that come together for a week to focus on a sonorous exchange of ideas?

During the course of the evening, seven speakers from five European countries will share details about what they have been working on with the around 70 participants. Among the prominent teachers is the singer, lutenist, and guitarist Damir Imamovic from Bosnia, a star of contemporary Balkan music. Also new to the team is percussionist Claudio Spieler, whose knowledge ranges from South Indian to Afro-Cuban music. Daniel Moser and Markus Prieth make up the workshop’s “South Tyrol faction”. Their offerings include numerous wind instruments and yodelling. Year after year, the Belgian accordionist and dance teacher Marinette Bonnert proves just how closely linked traditional music is to dance. Finally, workshop lead Evelyn Fink-Mennel takes up the Glatt&Verkehrt “New World” theme, building into her lessons a bridge between alpine polyphony and North American barbershop singing and skiffle beats.


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