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Joiking is a unique singing style of the Sámi people from northern Scandinavia. Ulla Pirttijärvi, from the village of Angeli in Finland, is a skilled practitioner of this wordless vocal art and a highly respected artist who was already offering a modern take on joiking in the late 1980s. Áššu is perhaps her most exciting band to date. Using only the smallest number of instruments, it combines these distinctive vocals with blues, jazz, rock, and certain West African influences, too, to create a mix that is both fascinating and dazzling.

Having studied in his hometown of Oslo as well as in Gambia and Senegal, Olav Torget plays various guitars and a West African lute called the konting or n’goni. His sensitive sound adds delicate chords to the joiking, allowing its archaic power to come through.

Kenneth Ekornes, who joined Áššu to replace founding member Harald Skuggerud after his tragic death, is one of Norway’s most eminent drummers. Ekornes has played with Mahsa Vahdat, Jon Balke, and Karl Seglem, among others.

Áššu’s Austrian debut was originally planned for Glatt&Verkehrt 2020, so we are delighted to finally be able to make this previously cancelled performance possible!

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