Saturday’s table music kicks off with a talk with the prominent Iranian-Austrian musician Golnar Shahyar.

Program text

Come in, take a seat, order food.
Listen to live music and talks.
Enjoy the food.
Another round of live music is served.
Be happy.

Golnar Shahyar is one of the most prominent singers in Austria’s independent music scene. She confidently applies her unmistakeable voice in a diverse range of genres, whether songs from her Iranian home or in freestyle improvisation and her own compositions.
Moreover, she is engaged – and not only since COVID-19 – with the precarious situation of freelance artists in various initiatives, such as the network WE:shape.
For this edition of Glatt&Verkehrt, a major project was commissioned with Golnar Shahyar, which could not be realised for all too obvious reasons. We are delighted that the artist is still ready to speak about her work and play music in the small but splendid setting of Table Music.

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