Sunday at Salzstadl awaits a small violin festivity with the diverse repertoire of Ausseer Geiger.

Program text

Come in, take a seat, order food.
Listen to live music and talks.
Enjoy the food.
Another round of live music is served.
Be happy.

Four violins, four high-profile musicians from the Ausseerland in the so musically rich Alpine region. Two, three, and four-voice yodels and dances go hand-in-hand with virtuoso baroque music or an Irish lament. Even though these sources might seem quite distant from one another, the ideas and emotional content are often astoundingly close – one of the surprises when you listen to this quartet. The sound of four violins, unisono or polyphonic, triggers something in us, musicians and audience alike – and all the more powerfully in the intimate setting of this inn.

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