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“Novo Mundo”, meaning “new world” in Portuguese, is a slogan that perfectly describes the approaches of Bernhard Schimpelsberger and Michael Ruzitschka. After years of intensive study of the classical music of northern India and repeated stays in the metropolis of Pune, Bernhard Schimpelsberger decided to settle in India, and be the “best European Indian percussionist” – or in Toronto or London as well; the latter being his adopted home for many years. Michael Ruzitschka spent 17 years in Brazil, playing an active role in São Paulo’s music scene, but also exploring the many rhythms and styles of this vast country, which he has documented in his own app. Both musicians are keenly aware they are not Indian or Brazilian, but Europeans who express themselves in the musical language of their host countries and whose often highly different musical inclinations coalesce in dialogue. This world premiere is in fact a trialogue as the pair will also be joined by probably one of the most sought-after – and, musically, extremely multilingual – cellists in the global music scene: Vincent Ségal, who has worked closely with the likes of Cesária Évora, Salif Keita, Ballaké Sissoko, but also Sting, Elvis Costello, and Georges Moustaki.

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