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The clocks of Time, the cash registers of Money, all the iconic voices, sounds, and noises on this album are the soundtrack to the shift into another sphere. On how many millions of record players or tape recorders has it sounded, in how many teenagers’ rooms, at how parties in the wee hours? To this day, The Dark Side of the Moon is not missing from any list of the most important recordings in rock history and remains the most listened to album by the band Pink Floyd, for whom it marked the breakthrough almost 50 years ago. How to reinterpret, recreate such a perfectly accomplished masterpiece?

If anyone can be entrusted with this, it is the musician “from the other side” of the Wachau: Otto Lechner, born in Melk an der Donau in 1964, a year before Pink Floyd was founded. He has already shown in many contexts that certain works from the most diverse musical genres are sacred to him – and then he makes them his own. He has repeatedly incorporated individual motifs from this album into concerts, and at Glatt&Verkehrt he plays it in full for the first time. Essentially, it is a solo performance – except for a few decisive moments when he brings in two long-time companions... A heartbeat moment.

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