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These artists from Barcelona, Mallorca, and Valencia enchant us with finely spun sounds, their own texts and stories, as well as contemporary poetry. A dummy head microphone placed in the centre of the room enables acoustic experiences in 3D sound and transports the music via headphones live into the ears and hearts of the audience. The artificial head is placed in the centre of the room and the artists move around it making music. The action is literally framed by the listeners.

For this concert of a special kind, we go to a special place: the so-called Gozzoburg has been documented since the 13th century and is one of the most remarkable urban buildings of the Austrian Middle Ages. The rich citizen named Gozzo, with an adventurous biography, owned extensive properties and a total of 19 houses. His “castle” features, amongst other things, an impressive workroom: Below the mighty wooden beam ceiling, dating back to 1254, are the coats of arms of kings, counts, and their dominions. In our concert, these testimonies of medieval – and through and through male – pomposity encounter a contemporary counterpoint of female creativity.

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