On Wednesday Lou Asril, a young Austrian singer straight from the pop-soul-R&B universe.

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Lou Asril, born 2000, is blessed with a voice beyond compare. Whether in angelic heights or tainted with dabs of “dirt” in the depths, his vocals go straight to the heart: “Down to the Devil, up to Heaven”, as it goes in one of his songs. Talent must be handled with care, Lou Asril knows this well and watches out for himself. The young fellow won’t let himself get pushed up prematurely, even though his career is steep on the rise to the top. He sings “I’m a nominee for being”, and makes a plea for “being who you want to be”. His music proclaims a love for rhythm and blues, soul and gospel perhaps, too. When his first single “Divine Goldmine” was released in 2019, he had already completed eight years of classic and seven years of jazz education as well as the secondary school BORG Linz with a focus on music – and, what’s more, he had been on a trip “from Seidasten to Hollywood”, as he poetizes in “Divine Goldmine”. Seidasten is Seitenstetten, where he was born as Lukas Riel. In Hollywood he studied at the College for Contemporary Music, supported by the Joe Zawinul Award 2017, and played with members of Postmodern Jukebox. Just for us, Asril creates new versions of his “old” songs performed with a choir and writes a few new ones.

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