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Brussels is perhaps the most multi-ethnic city in Europe, so it is probably not by chance that it is the home-of-choice for these three singers who have roots in an even greater number of countries: Amber in 't Veld from Spain and the Netherlands, Marieke Werner from Germany, and Sura Solomon from a Jewish family with ancestors from Poland, Ukraine, Spain, and North Africa who grew up on Klezmer and Sephardic songs. The many languages and diverse backgrounds that they share between them are reflected in their music, that goes from folklore to hip-hop, and alternates between dreamy and combative, or all those things at once... The clarinet, ukulele, and guitar provide additional “voices” that are given equal importance. Five years ago, the three started playing as street musicians. “What counts for Las Lloronas is not perfection, but a song’s story, the feeling behind it and, above all, the community that live music creates, be it in someone’s living room, on the village square, or in a concert hall,” writes journalist Grit Friedrich. The trio’s name is a nod to the singer Lhasa de Sela, who died young and whose first album was called La Llorona (“the weeping woman”), after a vengeful ghost from Mexican mythology.

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