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Balkan brass! You’ll hear fast-paced rhythms, high-octane trumpet licks, and pumping tuba grooves, all of which promises a very energetic sound experience.   

When Džambo Agušev was born in Strumica in 1987, Macedonia was still part of Yugoslavia. The republic, which gained independence in 1991, has been called “Northern Macedonia” since 2019. As a historical territory, Macedonia extends into Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Kosovo. Inevitably, then, Macedonian music is influenced by many different traditions, and the Aguševs have performed in powerful and versatile brass bands for several generations. Džambo has been actively involved since the age of 11 and, in 2005, he founded his own orchestra. Winning several top prizes at trumpet festivals in his home country and in Serbia has brought the virtuoso Roma musician nationwide fame. Agušev’s Austrian debut features music from his latest CD, with the self-assured title “Brasses for the Masses”, as well as traditional čočeks and other dances from the repertoire of Macedonian wedding celebrations. The orchestra earned its first stripes during one such wedding celebration when several brass bands engaged in a musical showdown until dawn.

In the morning, the orchestra will offer listeners a little musical taster in the centre of Krems and on the Kunstmeile Krems.

In collaboration with Festival Todo Mundo, Belgrade and MOST Music, Hungary

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