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La Réunion may only be about the size of Vorarlberg, yet it has established a firm place for itself on the global musical map. The Indian Ocean island has produced its own musical genres: two of which, Séga and especially Maloya, are a fusion of dance, poetry, and song. Under French colonial rule, there was a renewed drive in the 1950s to stifle Maloya for being an expression of the islanders’ all too independent Creole identity. Danyèl Waro is this music’s most famous representative. Combining it with political messages, Waro wrote his first songs in prison while serving two years for being a conscientious objector. Already legendary during his lifetime, today, he is a mentor to new generations of musicians and a motor of musical life in his homeland. Waro’s debut appearance at Glatt&Verkehrt is also his first encounter with the Austrian trio Interzone. Winners of the 2003 Austrian Young Lions Award, Interzone released their first album ten years ago and are now considered one of the best contemporary jazz trios going. Mario Rom’s exquisite and versatile sound, Lukas Kranzelbinder’s melodious bass, and all-rounder Herbert Pirker’s driving rhythms promise for an exciting intercontinental encounter.

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