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This combination promises masterful bridge-building from the Old to the New World and equally exciting literary explorations. All musicians belong to the new generation of folk music, with a fresh, casual approach to tradition, coupled with a contemporary and groovy style.

Natalie Haas has a long history of collaboration with Scottish fiddler Alastair MacFraser, but her cello is in demand with many more acts, from Marc O’Connor to Solas and Altan. The same goes for her sister Brittany Haas, whose credits include Crooked Still and the house band on Chris Thile’s radio show Live from Here.

With their fusion of singer-songwriter poetry and Irish roots, Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn appeal to an increasingly young audience, far from the clichés of Irish folklore. Born in Carlow in south-eastern Ireland, the brothers have already released three award-winning albums despite their relatively short career.

Like no other, Christoph Ransmayr is able to bundle his own experiences from extensive travels into fascinating narratives. Ransmayr will open the evening by telling three stories from worlds far and near, as he did, for example, in his acclaimed book Atlas of an Anxious Man.

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