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The Strottern write about this programme: “Dancing, singing, clapping, making noises, pantomime – we have the most fun when we make music with children. Along the way, the young listeners learn something about Viennese music. Where does it come from? What is it about waltzes and marches? What do the lyrics tell about life in bygone times? And how can you translate this funny foreign language “Viennese”? Music can be funny or sad or grumpy, or something else entirely. Or it can be in love, and you just decide to tell that to all the people you like, too.”

That the Viennese song and Viennese music are not only alive but also thriving is largely thanks to Klemens Lendl and David Müller. Already active together musically since the 1980s, their desire to devote themselves to the new Viennese song was propelled through their encounter with the poet Peter Ahorner. Ahorner’s art of rhyming is incomparable. He is able to put the greatest feelings into words and does so without the slightest dose of corniness. His interpretation of his own and other people’s texts—blessed with a rich, deep voice—lends the Strottern duo additional spicy flavour.

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