On Thursday Bashavel, the dashing Roma jazz band from Slovakia.

Program text

3+3=5! Two trios performing with the same contrabassist form the exquisite quintet Bashavel. “Basha vel” simply means “to play (an instrument)”. This word from the Kelderash language points to an important inspiration: European Roma music, from France to the diverse variants in the Balkans. It is mixed with different genres of traditional music from Slovakia. The third pillar is jazz and improvisation music in general. Furthermore, violinist Stanislav Palúch and cimbalom player Marcel Comendant took part in the production “Gypsy Baroque” by Vittorio Ghielmi. Together with Róbert Ragan, they form the Pacora Trio, which already graced Glatt&Verkehrt some years ago. Ragan, Kováč, and Solárik, in turn, are the trio Nothing But Swing, a band name that leaves its traces in Bashavel, too: elegant to raw, vivacious to contemplative – this music always has swing. The musicians have known each other for years, but due to the many engagements in other bands the debut CD by Bashavel was only released in 2017, and immediately won the Slovakian Radio_Head Award. A year later their performance was the crowning highlight of the Bratislava World Music Festival 2018.

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