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Jazz? No. “Black Arts Movement!” That’s a term that works much better for Archie Shepp. His unmistakable sound, the gripping tone that immediately draws one under its spell, is expressed not only in powerful saxophone playing but also in his lyrics. Masterpieces such as Poem for Malcolm or the famous Mama Rose are just two examples. Born in Florida on May 27, 1937, Archie Shepp grew up in Philadelphia. After studying theatre and literature at Goddard College in Vermont, which was extremely important for the civil rights movement, he soon moved on to New York. Today, he lives in France.

Parallel to his musical career, he wrote plays, for example, The Communist in 1965. In the same year, he joined John Coltrane’s Ascension.

Shepp embodies more than 60 years of music history. He can look back at over 150 recordings, and in addition to larger ensembles, he has always been interested in chamber music work with pianists and singers.

The versatile chanteuse and songwriter Marion Rampal has been able to enlist him for many collaborative projects. Shepp’s saxophone and recitation combine intriguingly with Rampal’s memorable voice. This concert promises art without any pigeonholes, transcending genre boundaries and generations.

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