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In a Gothic monastery in the Portuguese port city of Setúbal, a small stage is set up in the inner courtyard, surrounded by a cloister with lancet windows. The autumn evening is warm, but the music is hot. The vocals and guitar line-up seem sparse, but the result is rich. Alba Carmona and Jesús Guerrero create an entire universe with these simple tools.

The scene just described, which took place at the EXIB Musica 2021 festival, is responsible for making this Austrian debut happen here.

The Carmona-Guerrero duo’s repertoire includes songs that range from Spanish to Cuban and Chilean. The basic “colour” of their music is flamenco; after all, Alba’s family comes from Málaga in Andalusia. She began her artistic career as a flamenco dancer and was taught by such prominent artists as José Miguel Cerro “El Chiqui de la Línea” and the Cañizares brothers. Jesús Guerrero, born in San Fernando (Cadíz), is a highly sought-after guitarist in the flamenco scene, both in his own right and as accompaniment for great vocalists like Carmen Linares and Miguel Poveda.

Barcelona-born Alba Carmona became internationally known in the band Las Migas, who she toured the world with from 2011 to 2018.

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