In the evening Adele Neuhauser and Edi Nulz take us on an irony-tinted journey through the world of Antique myths, accompanied by intriguing contemporary beats.

Program text

Dramatic and gory, at the same time laconic, almost cool – that’s how Antique Greek myths epitomize human (and godly) weaknesses and their fateful consequences. No other actress would seem more predestined to bring them to life than the versatile character actress Adele Neuhauser. And no other band is better to accompany her than the border and genre-breaking trio Edi Nulz. Following the success of her literature and music collage “Die letzten ihrer Art” (Last Chance to See), with travel reports by the cult author Douglas Adams, “Mythos” is the highly anticipated new programme of the star actress with her three congenial musicians. The text is based on the eponymous bestseller by British comedian and master storyteller Stephen Fry.
In “Mythos” Adele Neuhauser also revisits her biographical roots: Born in Athens, she spent the early years of her life together with her Greek father. What’s more, there is a second family connection in “Mythos”, which has repeatedly proven its excellence: Adele Neuhauser’s son Julian Adam Pajzs bestows the “chamber punk jazz” sound (Andreas Felber, Ö1) of Edi Nulz on guitars.

In cooperation with ELit - Literaturhaus Europa.

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