Glatt&Verkehrt no. 26

Glatt&Verkehrt – “New World”

July 15 – 31, 2022
Krems, Wachau, and Surroundings

Glatt&Verkehrt embarks on a journey to a “New World” in 2022. This motto can be read geographically, but it also promises impulses that might just change the world a bit. Art doesn’t just comment – it strives to trigger new developments, and for Glatt&Verkehrt this applies to music, above all, precisely because of its roots in strong traditions.

Our current plan features fascinating voices and bands coming from both the Ibero-American music scene as well as the USA. But new worlds are also sighted from here in Europe: For example, we have commissioned Austrian musicians, who have been exploring countries like Brazil or India for a longer time, to conceive new programmes for the festival. By integrating musical ideas from the “Old World”, such as East Africa, a lively cultural exchange across continents will become even more tangible.

The new logo created by the acclaimed duo Hanakam & Schuller is also symbolic of these ties: A “morph”, capturing a transitory state between a violin and a Latin-American percussion instrument, the guiro, visually accompanies Glatt&Verkehrt 2022

While this transfer between the “Old” and “New” World has incited an array of influential music styles, it has always been marked by the atrocities of colonialism and slave trade – a fact that many musicians persistently draw attention to.

Many of the underlying problems seem to have intensified in the past two years, many concerns are more urgent than ever. And all of this is expressed in music. For this reason, the 26th edition of Glatt&Verkehrt directs all of its antennas at the here and now. As always, we aim to let our audience experience what it means today to make music on the grounds of traditions: Get ready for enthralling and exciting projects!

Naturally, the Music Workshop participates in this endeavour, too, and will – this time happily back in Göttweig Abbey – enrich the Glatt&Verkehrt sound experience with its ambitious educational and pedagogical concepts. More detailed information about registration and the complete festival programme will be available at the end of February when we open individual ticket sales for all events.

And for all the daring ones, who would already like to join in on the Glatt&Verkehrt adventure now, we once again offer our especially attractive reduced festival passes for the five final days at our Winzer Krems venue. As in summer 2021, there are ten concerts planned, which are definitely packed with enough music to make the last days of July 2022 quite memorable ones.

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