Spitz Castle

Spitz, the main town of the central Wachau region is a place strongly characterized by its history and landscape. For a long time, the river Danube used to be the main economic source for town’s inhabitants. Today, Spitz is known for winegrowing and attracts many tourists. The Tausendeimerberg in the middle of the town presents a main attraction to our visitors. Historical buildings like the church, the shipping museum and the ruin Hinterhaus are the remnants of a moving history. During the festival, the revitalized “Schloss zu Spitz” (Spitz castle) from the 17th century will host the traditional ‘Marillenkirtag’. It is probably the combination of landscape, wine, tradition and the people living here that attracts most of our visitors. We are very happy to welcome you in Spitz.

Dr Hannes Hirtzberger
Major of Spitz

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